Перинатальный центр
8 (8622) 46-88-70 *

Педиатрический стационар
8 (8622) 61-51-36 *

Детская поликлиника
8 (862) 448-21-61

* Секретарь

Сочи, ул. Дагомысская, 46

Горячая линия: 8 963 160-77-93 (с 8.00 до 18.00)

The state budgetary institution of health care "center of protection of motherhood and childhood of the city of Sochi" of the Ministry of health of Krasnodar Krai

Legal address: 46, Dagomysskaya street, Sochi, 354057

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Phone: 8-8622-615136 (Fax) 8-8622-46-88-70

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The acting head physician – Andrey Argunov.

GBUZ "Comed Sochi" MZ KK is a diversified medical institution of the city of Sochi provide specialized medical assistance to women and children. The structure of GBUZ "Comed Sochi" MZ KK consists of the following units:

  • Perinatal center tel 88622 46-88-70
  • Pediatric hospital tel: (88622) (61-51-36)
  • Children's clinic (88622) 62-18-05
  • Clinical diagnostic laboratory (88622) 61-40-47
  • Pediatric dentistry (88622) 68-03-45
  • Gynecology Department (88622) 61-35-51

1. Perinatal center.

Perinatal center is a structural subdivision of GBUZ "Comed Sochi" MZ KK. Service area of greater Sochi. In the Perinatal center deployed 170 beds, including 20 – OPN, 150 – obstetrics, 9 – HARO adult 12 NICU infants.

Every year, more than 7,000 births are performed in the perinatal center. Outpatient reception of women is carried out in three clinical and diagnostic departments.

2. Pediatric hospital

  • Providing medical and preventive care for children with various pathologies. The hospital uses modern methods of treatment.
    The pediatric hospital has the following departments:

  •  Infectious branch
  • Department of radiology
  • Children's trauma center
  • Department of anesthesiology and intensive care
  • Physiotherapy department
  • Otolaryngology
  • Neurological department
  • Department of pathology of newborn children
  • Pediatric department
  • Department of traumatology and orthopedics
  • Surgical department
  • Admission department
  • Day care unit.

3. Children's clinic includes:

  • Department of medical and social care for children and adolescents;
  • Advisory and diagnostic Department
  • DPO No. 5
  • Department of medical care for children and adolescents in educational institutions (OOMP in OU) №2
  • Department of medical care for children and adolescents in educational institutions (OOMP in OU) №1
  • DPO No. 4
  • DPO No. 3
  • DPO No. 2
  • DPO No. 1

4. Clinical and diagnostic laboratory:

It serves in a planned manner all departments of the hospital And Pediatric hospital, as well as patients of three Women's clinics and children's clinics. In addition, two hospitals carry out round-the-clock duty of laboratory technicians. KDL has the following sections: hematological, clinical, biochemical, immune hematological, koagulologicescoe. The laboratory is equipped with modern equipment with built-in quality control system.

5. Pediatric dentistry

Currently it is a modern health care unit GBUZ "Comed Sochi "MZ KK, equipped with the latest medical equipment, technical means. About 67 thousand children are treated and prophylaxis here, it is a consultative center in Sochi.

In a dental unit, all the conditions for the provision of high quality care to the young residents – there are cabinets of operative dentistry, orthodontic, surgical operating, periodontal, office of oral health, office of computer radiovisiography, dental laboratory etc.


Premature babies with extremely low body weight are successfully treated and cared for in the hospital.

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